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ISAHP 2016



Taking decisions has never been easy, especially in complex and dynamic circumstances, in which our choices may affect people’s health, work, social and physical assets, and future life in general. In all of history, important decision makers have based their own choices on personal experience, intuition and knowledge. Nowadays, especially when we take decisions of public relevance and interest, we are called to demonstrate that our choices are based on the best available evidence, that we acknowledge uncertainty, and that we considered the costs and risks. Today turbulent socio- economic environments make these efforts even more compelling. The ambition of ISAHP 2016 is to explore how the AHP/ANP can be used to respond to those challenges, its strengths and weaknesses and how it can be used in combination with other Multi- Criteria Decision Making methods. In other words, the ISHAP2016 aims to demonstrate how the AHP/ANP and the community of AHP/ANP users can have a real impact on our continuously evolving global society. In conclusion, the theme of the ISHAP2016 is how this method can support decisions affecting the public interest and how its use can be improved in order to better serve society.


Aug 4th, 2016 - Aug 7th, 2016


London, United Kingdom

Program Committee:

Thomas L. Saaty
University of Pittsburgh
Honorary Founding Chairman

Leandro Pecchia
University of Warwick
Conference Chairman

Andrea Genovese
University of Sheffield
Program Co-Chair

Marjan Hummel
University of Twente
Program Co-Chair

Antonella Petrillo
University of Naples "Parthenope"
Program Co-Chair

Executive Committee:

Enrique Mu
Carlow University - University of Pittsburgh
President of the ISAHP Executive Council, and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of The Analytic Hierarchy Process (IJAHP)

Rozann Saaty
Creative Decisions Foundation
Vice President

Elena Rokou
Creative Decisions Foundation
Chief Research Officer

Milagros Pereyra
President, Maestro Meetings
Executive Director, Latin American Studies Association (LASA)


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