Decision Making for Leaders

Thomas Saaty
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Pages: 315
ISBN: 096203178X

Abstract: This is a book of case studies in multicriteria decision-making using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The basics of the theory are described in a clear, non-technical manner with many examples. Methods are given for calculating best options using simple arithmetic. Suitable for business leaders and also the best book for introducing the AHP to students. This book addresses the issue of how to structure a complex situation, identify its criteria and other factors whether intangible or concrete, measure the interactions among them in a simple way, and synthesize all the information to obtain priorities. The priorities can then be used in a benefit/cost setting to develop portfolios of activities, one of the major concerns of corporations today. They can also be used in government and other organizations with different goals and purposes. Moreover, the method offers practitioners a simple test of the consistency of their judgments. It can also help them test the compatibility of projected policies with established ones.

Subject(s): AHP, Decision making

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