Preference programming and inconsistent interval judgment matrices

Rafikul Islam
International Islamic University Malaysia
M.P. Biswal
Indian Institute of Technology
S.S. Alam
Indian Institute of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering

Publication date: Feb, 1997

Journal: European Journal of Operational Research
Vol.: 97- Issue: 1- Pages: 53-62

Publisher: Elsevier

Abstract: The problem of derivation of the weights of alternatives from pairwise comparison matrices is long standing. In this paper, Lexicographic Goal Programming (LGP) has been used to find out weights from pairwise inconsistent interval judgment matrices. A number of properties and advantages of LGP as a weight determination technique have been explored. An algorithm for identification and modification of inconsistent bounds is also provided. The proposed technique has been illustrated by means of numerical examples.

Keywords: AHP, Interval judgment, Preference programming