Mathematical Principles of Decision Making

Thomas Saaty
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Language: English, American
Pages: 531
ISBN: 1888603100

Abstract: In this book Thomas Saaty summarizes his Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) theory developed over the past 40 years for measuring intangible factors through paired comparisons using judgments from which priorities are derived that give the relative dominance of these factors. The important concepts of the AHP and its generalization to structures with dependence and feedback, the Analytic Network Process (ANP), are presented in an elegant compact way. New ways of applying the theory to complex decisions that involve benefits, opportunities, costs and risks are illustrated and validated in applications involving current issues. The ideas are applied in many areas including resource allocation and conflict resolution. Pairwise comparisons are generalized to a continuum of comparisons leading to the mathematical expression of neural firings in the context of stimulus response. This provides a way to represent neural forms. The generalization to continuous comparisons also leads to some interesting observations on the well-known inverse square laws of physics.

Subject(s): AHP, ANP, Decision making

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