Creative Decisions Foundation Events

Creative Decisions Foundation was established in 1996 by Thomas L. Saaty and his wife Rozann Whitaker Saaty to promote the cause of rational decision making.

The Foundation, among other endeavours, sponsors training workshops and competitions to spread awareness of how to make decisions using the AHP/ANP family of methods.

To honor the legacy of Distinguished University Professor Thomas L. Saaty (1926-2017), best known as the creator of the decision-making methods Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Analytic Network Process (ANP) for resolving complex problems, in 2022 we started to have 'Hackathons'.

Hackathons are events involving teams of students (from undergraduate to PhD levels) participate in an intensive 1 to 2 days of training. They are then presented with business situations.

The teams develop a decision model based on their take on the issues, enter judgments and present their solution to an international group of decision-making experts. The best teams advance to the second round of presentations and the winner is determined. All students participating in the training get a 'Decision Making for Leaders' certificate.