The Encyclicon, Volume 2

Thomas Saaty
Brady Cillo
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Language: English, American
Pages: 356
ISBN: 1888603097

Abstract: The Encyclicon is a dictionary of examples of the Analytic Network Process (ANP) for decision making with dependence and feedback. This is the second volume of The Encyclicon, an encyclopedia of ANP examples. This volume illustrates over 80 real-world examples of decisions made using the ANP. The ANP incorporates networks with feedback for different benefits, opportunities, costs and risks. The networks are then evaluated in terms of strategic criteria and combined for the overall outcome. This book hopes to convey that the ANP can be used in practically any type of decision in a vast number of fields. In addition it contains an introduction to the ANP and an appendix about the theory. The Encyclicon, of which this is Volume 2, is designed to be a companion of examples for these books by Thomas L. Saaty on the theory of the AHP/ANP: Theory and Applications of the Analytic Network Process: Decision Making with Benefits, Opportunities, Costs, and Risks, 2005; and Principia Mathematica Decernendi: Mathematical Principles of Decision Making: Generalization of the Analytic Network Process to Neural Firing and Synthesis 2010.

Subject(s): ANP, BOCR

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