Non Linear Mathematics Vol. I

Thomas Saaty
Joseph Bram
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Language: English, American
Pages: 396
ISBN: 978-1-888603-38-5

Abstract: We are surrounded and deeply involved, in the natural world, with non- linear events which are not necessarily mathematical, the authors write. For example . . . the nonlinear problem of pedalling a bicycle up and down a hillside. On a grand scale . . . the struggle for existence between two species, one of which preys exclusively on the other. This book is' for mathematicians and researchers who believe that nonlinear mathematics is' the mathematics of today; it is also for economists, engineers, operations analysts, the reader who has been thus bemused into an artificially linear conception of the universe. Nonlinear Mathematics is the first attempt to consider the widest range of nonlinear topics found in the -scattered literature. Accessible to non- mathematics professionals as well as college seniors and graduates, it offers a discussion both particular and broad enough to stimulate research towards a unifying theory of nonlinear mathematics. Ideas are presented according to existence and uniqueness theorems, characterization (e.g., stability and asymptotic behavior), construction of solutions, convergence, approximation and errors.

Subject(s): Non-linear mathematics

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