Theory and Applications of the ANP (Farsi)

Thomas Saaty
Publisher(s): University of Tehran
Translated by: Majid Azizi and Reza Naghdi
Language: Persian

Abstract: The book includes eight chapters and one attachment. Chapter one presents decision making, Analytic Hierarchy Process and Network Process (AHP/ANP), second, third and fourth chapters describe fundamentals of the Analytic Network Process and its applications with benefits, opportunities, costs and risks, fifth chapter states making and validation complex decision with the AHP/ANP, sixth chapter represents automatic decision making: neural firing and response, seventh chapter express dynamic decisions and eighth chapter describe allocation of intangible resources, attachment contains facts from matrix and graph theory. Studying the book will be very helpful for students and people who are interested in decision making by benefits, opportunities, costs and ricks structure. The book has been published in 2014 (1392).

Subject(s): AHP, ANP

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