Compact City: the next urban evolution in response to climate change

Thomas Saaty
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Language: English, American
Pages: 277
ISBN: 1888603127

Abstract: We need to control nature by eliminating its capricious threats to our lives. We do it best by not only making our living, working , sports and other leisure structures more accessible in space, but also by minimizing and banishing congestions and the need for long times to commute to work or to access shopping malls, sports and cultural activities. With the threat of global warming and melting of the polar ice cap in the Antarctic, low lying cities throughout the world are threatened with drowning under more than 150 feet of water. What should we be thinking about insulating ourselves from natural threats like hurricanes and tsunamis and earthquakes? Surprisingly enough, the new design will eliminate one of the problems of poverty, the lack of shelter.

Subject(s): Compact city

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