Marketing applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yoram Wind
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
United States
Thomas Saaty
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh
United States

Publication date: Jul, 1980

Journal: Management science
Vol.: 26- Issue: 7- Pages: 641-658

Abstract: Several marketing applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) are reviewed. The paper starts with a brief description of this process, which was developed by Thomas Saaty in 1971, including an eight-point outline of how to apply it. The thrust of the paper is a discussion of a number of illustrative applications of the AHP covering the following areas: the portfolio decisions of a firm whose management is concerned with the determination of the desired target portfolio and allocation of resources among its components, determination of the directions for new product development, and generation and evaluation of marketing mix strategies. Various suggestions for additional research on the AHP and its marketing applications are highlighted.

Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP, Portfolio decisions, Marketing applications