Integrating the AHP Methodology into the Procedures of Decision Making in governmental agencies

Asma Mohammed Bahurmoz
King Abdul Aziz University
Saudi Arabia

Journal: The International Symposium of the Analytic Hierarchy Process 2014

Publisher: Creative Decisions Foundation

Abstract: The Gulf Cooperation Council Countries are challenged by unprecedented labor problems. These countries suffer from unemployment problems in spite of the fact that they offer jobs for millions of immigrants. Non indigenous fill 95% of the private sector jobs in these countries. Saudi Arabia as the largest country in terms of area and population suffers the most from this unemployment problem. In cooperation with the ministry of Labor , executive MBA(EMBA) students from KAU focused on a number of these problems, defined them, explored solutions and prioritized these solutions from the point of view of officials in the ministry, employers and job seekers. The Analytic Hierarchy Process was chosen as the methodology to help the decision makers in the ministry decide on which strategy to take to address these problems. The objective is to promote the use of AHP in the process of governmental decision making by introducing it via the activity of Service Learning.

Keywords: AHP, MCDM, Service Learning, Group decision making, Public agencies