The Use of AHP in Sustainable Forest Management Certification

Mubariq Achmad
The Indonesian Eco-labeling Institute
Kirti Peniwati
PPM Graduate School of Management

Publication date: Aug, 1999

Journal: Proceedings of the fifth International Symposium on The Analytic Hierarchy Process

Publisher: Creative Decisions Foundation

Abstract: Sustainable forest management (SFM) certification is a process to determine whether a forest management unit or company has been operating and performing at the acceptable degree of sustainability. The Indonesian Eco-labeling Institute (LEI) has been establishing a certification system using the AHP's absolute measurement approach. The model is a seven level tree-hierarchy with 146 indicators. The indicators were determined and prioritized with respect to three criteria of sustainability: forest resource/production sustainability, forest ecological function sustainability, and forest social function sustainability. A company is assessed and evaluated on each and every indicator to accumulate a composite grade, and is certified ifthegradeishigherthantheminimumstandard. Therecommendationismadebyan eight-member expert panel.

Keywords: AHP, Analytic Hierarchy Process