Consistency & Compatibility, Two sides of the same coin

Claudio Garuti
Fulcrum Engineering
University of Chile

Publication date: Aug, 2016

Journal: International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process 2016

Publisher: Creative Decisions Foundation

Abstract: In MCDM to have an index of consistency for pair comparison matrices is a very important matter. This index may help to produce better metrics and of course better answers to the problem, which is the final purpose of majority of the MCDM methods. To illustrate the relevance of this matter, this paper present an example that take in consideration one of the most important consistency index in the literature, the Saaty’s consistency index. Working in a way similar to reductio ad absurdum and using the compatibility index as collaborative tool, we will show that Saaty’s consistency index is in fact a good quality index.

Keywords: Consistency, Consistency index, Compatibility index