Reflections on Common Misunderstandings When Using AHP and a Response to Criticism of Saaty’s Consistency Index

Claudio Garuti
Fulcrum Engineering
University of Chile

Publication date: Dec, 2018

Journal: International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Vol.: 108- Issue: 3

Publisher: Creative Decisions Foundation

Abstract: This essay deals with misunderstandings which, in this author’s opinion, seem to prevail in the minds of some AHP critics. The main apparent problem is the lack of necessary knowledge about the scale concept including what a scale is, how it is mathematically defined, and what one can or cannot do with a scale. This knowledge is critical for a good understanding of AHP. This study will review the concept of scales, discuss common misconceptions, introduce the compatibility index G and explain how it addresses one of the previous fallacies perpetuated about AHP.

Keywords: AHP misconceptions, scales, Compatibility index