Location selection for hardboard industry in Mazandaran provice

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mostafa Ramezanzadeh

Publication date: Nov, 2021

Journal: Iranian Journal of Wood and Paper Industries
Vol.: 2- Issue: 2- Pages: 65-81

Abstract: This research presents an optimum framework for hardboard industry location selection in Mazandaran Province. Considering the existence of only two depreciated hardboard plants with very old technology in Iran, the establishment of new plants are vital. To materialize this goal, Mazandaran province enjoys priorities to other provinces based on its resources of raw lignocellulosic materials required for wood and paper industries. The model presented in this article uses AHP benefit/cost ratios. The results indicate that the criterion of ‘material and production’ with a weight of 0.327 and the sub-criterion of ‘reliability of supply’ with a weight of 0.146 have the highest priorities, and the city of Sari is the best alternative.

Keywords: Effective criterion, Location selection, AHP, Hardboard industry