Determining the investment priorities in the wood and paper industries through applying TOPSIS

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
R. Dehghan

A. Eftekhari

M. Faezipour

Publication date: Jan, 2013

Journal: Journal of forest and wood products
Vol.: 66- Issue: 1- Pages: 109-124

Publisher: Scientific Information Database

Abstract: With regard to the importance of the conduction of limit resources to the superior industries, study on the country's priorities in the industrial areas and products is essential. Considering the fact that Qom province has special conditions, this provincecan be consideredas a wood centerin the wood industry in which prioritizing the wood and paper industries is essential. To reach this goal two stepsare needed to be taken, the first step is to design a hierarchy based on five major groups of criteria which are financial & economical, infrastructure, material & product, technical & man force, and social & cultural. The weight of the indicators was established by Analytical Hierarchy Process. In the second step, based on the criteria weighing values, alternatives have been ranked through TOPSIS. The results showed that financial and economical criterion as a major group has the highest priority with .28 weighing value and investment attraction as a sub criterion has a weighing value of .11. Besides, the results of the alternatives ranking showed that the other types of wood furniture alternative gain the maximum priority and the printing, writing, and newspaper papers gains the minimum priority.

Keywords: AHP, Priority, TOPSIS, Wood and page industries