Location selection of MDF industry by Analytic Hierarchy Process, Case of the study Mazandaran province

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mostafa Ramezanzadeh
Faculty of Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Publication date: Dec, 2016

Journal: Economics, Management and Sustainability
Vol.: 1 - Issue: 1- Pages: 14-22

Abstract: This paper presents a framework for locating agricultural-residuals particleboard industry in the northern provinces of Iran. Particleboard industry is the only Iranian wood and paper industry with an export potential and the use of agricultural residuals as the raw material can help with increasing the production in this industry, while reducing the damage to forest resources. The northern provinces of Iran are agricultural centers with ample amounts of agricultural residues. These provinces are, therefore, preferable to other provinces as the construction sites of particleboard plants. In the location selection model presented in this paper, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method is used and the results indicate that the criterion of ‘material and production’ and the sub-criterion of ‘reliability of supply’ have the highest priorities, and that Golestan province is the best alternative.

Keywords: AHP