Providing a Decision-Making Model for Importing Medium -Density Fiberboard Product

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Elaheh Momeni

Nemat Mohebbi

Publication date: Sep, 2012

Journal: Journal of the Indian Academy of Wood Science
Vol.: 9- Pages: 115–129

Publisher: Springer

Abstract: Medium density fiberboard (MDF) product is one of the newest types of compressed wood panels that their consumption has had a lot of growth in recent years. MDF productions of every production unit are different from each other according to a number of physical and mechanical indices. In this article to choose the superior imported MDF product from China, Indonesia and Turkey, the analytical hierarchy process and Expert Choice software were used to calculate the weight value of indexes, their intensities and options. The results showed that the modulus of elasticity, bending strength and internal bond strength of three with high-intensity had the highest weight value, respectively and the MDF production from Indonesia has allocated the first rank among the three countries.

Keywords: MDF, Expert choice software , AHP, Decision making, Importing