Optimal site selection for fluting paper mill from agricultural wastes in Golestan Province Iran

Mohammad Vali
University of Gorgan
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Ali Rafighi
University of Gorgan
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Nemat Mohebbi
Wood and Paper Science
Tehran University
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Publication date: Jan, 2013

Journal: International Journal of Sustainable Engineering
Vol.: 6 - Issue: 1

Abstract: Today, the issue of site selection for industrial units in developing countries which are poor in wood resources is considered as a vital matter and it is one of the key measures in the process of building industrial and giving service units. In every country there are some provinces and states which are more useful than other parts owing to primary infrastructures and facilities for industrialisation. As one of the suitable provinces of Iran, thanks to its lignocelluloses resources with 1,822,696 tons of exploitable waste, Golestan Province has a very good potential for building lignocelluloses products mills, such as fluting paper. For this end, in 2010, effective indices in fluting paper mill establishment were recognised in Golestan Province. Results showed that materials and products were the most important main indices and the preparation cost of raw materials was the most important sub-index. Finally, questionnaires were prepared for the best site selection and choices were evaluated according to the structure of interests and costs. The results of calculations performed through analytical hierarchy processes and in Expert Choice Software indicated that Gonbad City had the highest interest/cost ratio, and therefore, it is the best place for the establishment of floating paper mills from agricultural wastes in Golestan Province.

Keywords: Site selection, AHP, Floating paper