Identification and evaluation of the effective criteria on customer satisfaction with Kitchen Worktops Product

Vahid Nabavi
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Nemat Allah Mohebbi
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Publication date: Sep, 2012

Journal: iBusiness
Vol.: 4- Issue: 3- Pages: 235-245

Publisher: Scientific Research

Abstract: In cycle of attraction and keeping the customers, fulfilling the customer satisfaction via identifying of their needs is very important. So, identifying the amount of customer satisfaction and informed of the field of strength and weakness in this regard, helps manager programming in line with customers better maintenance. The objective of this study is determination and priority of effecting criteria on customer satisfaction of worktops product. For this purpose, after preliminary investigation and interviews with experts and worktops customers, the effective criteria were identified. Then the priority rates (weighting value) of obtained criteria and sub-criteria were determined by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). On the base of obtained results the criteria of selling and price condition, delivery condition, payment condition, the quality of CPL veneer, the quality of used MDF and lead time of product have the highest priorities, respectively.

Keywords: AHP, Customer satisfaction, Criteria