Determination of effective criteria on development of export of Iran wood furniture by Analytic Hierarchy Process (Farsi)

H. Alizadeh

M. Faezipour

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
M. Ziaie

Publication date: Mar, 2012

Journal: Journal of forest and wood products
Vol.: 66- Issue: 4- Pages: 477-491

Abstract: Foreign trade has a significant role in economic development that some of experts know it as anengine or fuel for economic growth and other know it as growth car oil and some consider it asinternational inequalities exacerbated factors. In the classical theory of international trade, exportcharacteristic foreign trade. Given the limitations and barriers that exist for oil exports, the countriesare seeking to non-oil exports that one of these products are Wood and Furniture industry. And nearly2 percent share of considering in world trade this industry, and also the history and potential of thisindustry in Iran, Development of this industry and provide meaningful presence in internationalmarkets can impact on growth GDP and was earn non-oil income for the country. The aim of thisstudy is determination of the effective Indexes on development of export Iran furniture industry usingGroup Decision Making method. For this purpose, after preliminary investigation, preparatory observation, and an interview with some of the furniture producers and relevant experts, effectivecriteria were divided into six major groups and as well as 48 sub-criteria. Since getting expert'sopinions via questionnaire, the priority rates of obtained criteria and sub-criteria were determined byAnalytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). The results show that Raw materials & product and market &economy criteria have the highest weighting values at the first level. In addition among 48 effectivesub-criteria, sustainable supply of raw materials, development of strategic marketing, improvingfinancing systems and low interest, participation in international exhibitions, quality control, durableraw materials and capable banking system have highest priorities weighting values, respectively.considering government policies and decisions in the fields of raw materials wooden, currency andbanking, and marketing infrastructures, Complete accompany government with the furniture industry,to maintain the be generated and competitiveness of furniture industry Iran first step, And access topotential export markets presence the second step, a necessary condition is considered for the presenceof this industry in world markets.

Keywords: AHP