Explore and identify indicators of customer loyalty to the brand in the furniture industry by AHP (Parsi)

M. Ghofrani

V. Farshchi

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Publication date: Jun, 2014

Journal: Iranian Journal of wood and paper science research
Vol.: 29- Issue: 2- Pages: 310-323

Abstract: Nowadays, producers are successful in Of getting profit in more efforts to satisfy our customers in target markets And build customer loyalty to your brand. The aim of this study was to study and identify factors influencing loyalty Customer to the brand in the furniture industry using Group Decision Making method., For the purpose of study and research Been done by others, the factors affecting customer loyalty divided in to 4 main categories and 20 sub-indicators. After getting customer buyer furniture opinions via questionnaire, the priority rates of obtained criteria and sub-criteria were determined by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).The results show that customers Satisfaction and marketing criteria have the highest weighting values at the first level. In addition, among 20 effective sub-criteria, Influence on customer loyalty in the furniture dustry, service quality ,reasonable price ,installment sales, warranty and perceived quality have highest priorities as 0.323, 0.151,0.129, 0.074 and 0.053 weighting values, respectively.

Keywords: AHP, Group decision making