Studying and assessment of the effective criteria on opportunities attainment from offshore outsourcing in Iran wood furniture industry

Nemat Allah Mohebbi

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Mohsen Ziyai

Mohammad Mahdi Faezipour

Publication date: Sep, 2015

Journal: Iranian Journal of Wood and Paper Industries
Vol.: 6 - Issue: 2- Pages: 203-216

Publisher: Iranian Scientific Association of Wood and Paper Industries

Abstract: Nowadays, many of developing countries are looking for outsourcing opportunities of developed countries, because this will bring them many benefits. In this regard, the goal of this study is determining and prioritizing of the effective criteria on attainment of outsourcing benefits of the developed countries in wood furniture industry by non-parametric approach of analytic hierarchy process as one of the most creditable multi-criteria decisionmaking methods. For this purpose, after comparative studies and interview with relevant experts, the effective criteria were identified. After design of analytic hierarchy levels of decision making tree, the necessary data for prioriting provided by standard questionnaire based on paired comparisons and finally the computational steps was done by Expert Choice software. Base on the obtained results, currency exchange rate, economical stability, inflation rate, labor cost, cost of raw material, technological software and hardware of furniture industry, skillfull manpower and developed lateral industries, have the highest priorities.

Keywords: Effective Criteria, AHP, Prioritizing, Wood Furniture Industry