A socio-economic problem regarding poplar plantation and a problem solving model by AHP

Majid Azizi
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Kazem Mohammadzadeh

Publication date: Mar, 2016

Journal: Socio-Economic Problems and the State
Vol.: 14- Issue: 1- Pages: 47-58

Abstract: The current research presents the best solution for socio-economic problem regarding poplar plantation in Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Iran. Planting fast growing species such as poplar is highly profitable in wood farming in Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, hence identification of socio-economic qualifications of poplar plantation would solve the problems of wood and paper industries regarding wood supply in the coming decade. Assuming previous researches and visiting poplar plantation surfaces in the so-called provinces, 51 sub-criteria were identified. These sub-criteria were categorized in five major groups: application, economic and financial, social and cultural, technical, and infrastructure. The priority and weight of the criteria and sub-criteria were determined through survey the experts and poplar farmers in wood and paper industries and poplar plantation. The findings revealed that economic and financial aspects are the most important criteria, and the sub-criteria of pre-purchase contract, water sources, and improved species have the highest priorities, respectively. For selecting the best optimized solution in the provinces, three groups of alternatives were selected: poplar farmer promotion and education using national and foreign experts, offering multiple facilities, and increasing the participation of wood and paper industries and investors with respect to poplar farmers’ problems. To select the best solution, a questionnaire was designed and administered among the experts, and then evaluated considering the sub-criteria. The results of synthesizing by AHP and Expert Choice software indicated that polar farmer promotion and education through national and foreign experts’ contribution is the best solution for providing proper situation of poplar plantation in the area and consumption of wood and paper industries. The result of sensitivity analysis indicated that economic & financial, technical and structural criteria are more sensitive when affect the solutions.

Keywords: AHP, Expert Choice software