The Analytic Hierarchy Process applied to complexity

Thomas Saaty
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business
University of Pittsburgh
United States
Nina Begicevic
University of Zagreb

Publication date: Nov, 2014

Journal: International Journal of Economics and Business Research
Vol.: 4- Issue: 3- Pages: 266-283

Abstract: Even in science, there is always the human element of using our own assumptions in logic, our feelings, our values and numerous criteria we must deal with. In addition, we often have to include the measurements of tangibles that always need agreed upon subjective judgement to interpret what exactly they mean. The understanding and judgements of other people must inevitably be considered and people use language and create Babel of incoherent possibilities. This paper deals with the various aspects of how to make it possible to overcome the problems of using verbal logic, combining different scale measurements of tangibles and conflicts in group decision-making to make good choices scientifically in the face of complexity and illustrates it with the examples.

Keywords: AHP, ANP, Logic, Measurement, Group decision making, Analytic Network Process, Analytic Hierarchy Process