Gross National Happiness: An AHP based Strategic Multi Criteria Analysis for Business

Level: Beginner
Type: Video

Rana Pratap Singh, Ph. D.
Shashi Bhattarai
Ananta Man Singh

Abstract: Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a multi-criteria well-being measurement system in Bhutan. The four pillars of GNH considered are political, economic, cultural and environmental. There are nine domains and thirty three indicators of GNH, which generates the GNH Index, a holistic representation of well-being. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is most widely used multi-criteria analysis tool, including in business. There has been quite a few AHP based research relating to GNH, this paper aims to create a strategic AHP based GNH framework focusing on business / industry sector giving most happiness to its employee. An AHP based framework on GNH with scenario in the business / industry sector are generated and presented with capability of dynamic visualization. The six businesses sectors categorized in the analysis are Agribusiness, Energy (AE/RE), Knowledge & Service, Manufacturing, Timber & Non-Timber Forest Products (T&NTFP) and Tourism. As per the authors judgments Knowledge & Service sector was found to be the best ranked Business sector contributing to happiness, whereas Manufacturing sector was ranked the lowest. Further, sensitivity analysis demonstrates the change in rankings of the business sectors takes place according to the change in priorities of domains. This feature is particularly useful in formulating national long term strategies as to encourage preferable business sectors. The contribution of the paper is expected in three fold, firstly, a brief review on GNH and AHP related literatures, secondly to develop an AHP model with typical dynamic strategy analysis for business using GNH pillars, domains and indicators. Thirdly, to make a unique contribution for linking country’s well-being with business, with ready to use tool in an AHP based computer software for GNH analysis in businesses. The tool further can be customized or analyzed focusing on the other aspects of GNH. Keywords: analytic hierarchy process, AHP, gross national happiness, GNH, business, strategic analysis, GNH AHP model

Topics: Gross National Happiness