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Theory and Applications of the Analytic Network Process

Author(s): Thomas Saaty
The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and its generalization to dependence and feedback, the Analytic Network Process (ANP), are methods of relative measurement of tangibles and intangibles. Being able to derive such measurements is essential for making good decisions. This book is based on the An...

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The Encyclicon, Volume 1

Author(s): Thomas Saaty, Mujgan Sagir Özdemir
The Encyclicon: a Dictionary of Applications of Decision Making with Dependence and Feedback based on the Analytic Network Process Volume 1 has a very comprehensive chapter that describes the Analytic Network Process and a step by step description on how to design and implement a Benefits - Oppo...

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The Encyclicon, Volume 2

Author(s): Thomas Saaty, Brady Cillo
The Encyclicon is a dictionary of examples of the Analytic Network Process (ANP) for decision making with dependence and feedback. This is the second volume of The Encyclicon, an encyclopedia of ANP examples. This volume illustrates over 80 real-world examples of decisions made using the ANP. The...

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The Encyclicon, Volume 3

Author(s): Thomas Saaty, Luis Vargas
Volume 3 of The Encyclicon extends the number of real-world Analytic Network Process (ANP) decisions that have been catalogued. It includes complex decisions that factor in Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks, predictions and market share estimations, all of which may involve intangible fact...

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The Encyclicon, Volume 4

Author(s): Thomas Saaty, Madjid Tavana
Volume 4 has a very large number of more recent case studies and takes a closer look to the building process of the Benefits - Opportunities-Costs and Risks models using AHP top level networks, rating of the B,O, C, R with the help of the strategic criteria and ANP bottom level networks.

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